What are health fats?

The Truth About Fats…

Dr. Chris MahResearch and Insights0 Comments

Good fats, bad fats, and being overweight…they’re are all very different! Believe it or not, fat is truly beneficial to your health and essential to life.  Unfortunately, the media, medical and pharmaceutical communities have lead you to believe that fat … Read More

Childhood Scoliosis

Childhood Scoliosis

Dr. Betsy PulickResearch and Insights2 Comments

  What is Scoliosis? There is no doubt that you have heard of scoliosis. Depending on the elementary or middle school you attended, you may have had to line up in front of the nurse’s office and eagerly await a spinal … Read More

Spinal Decompression

Dr. Dustin DebRoyResearch and Insights1 Comment

Life in itself is compressive. We are constantly fighting gravity, lifting things, exercising, getting massages (which are all great for us), but they are all compressive in nature. Constant compressive forces cause many injuries ranging in severity that result in mild … Read More

Postpartum Pelvic Floor Issue

Postpartum Pelvic Floor Issues

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Congratulations! You had a baby!   You’re definitely over the hardest part! (Speaking from my own personal experience, that is!) Now it’s time to heal. Postpartum women, whether the birth is natural or C-section, all need some musculoskeletal after-care. Mothers … Read More