myoFORCE unlocks the ability to integrate force plates into myoRESEARCH® 3 (MR3), Noraxon’s multi-dimensional, all-in-one software and processing

solution that guarantees simplification and improvement of your workflow. It provides users access to real-time data, accurate biofeedback and extensive reporting and analysis capabilities.

Researchers can support, automate and synchronize multiple biomechanical assessment technologies, while significantly reducing setup and processing time.

myoFORCE Highlights:

Force Vector Overlay: You will be able to visualize your force plate data by projecting seeing the results live, over any video stream. Using your force data as a biofeedback tool, accelerating recovery and controlling proper mechanics to reduce injury risk.

Jump Phase Detection: Jumping records can now be quickly analyzed and broken down into the 3 phases of jumping (loading, flight and landing phase). This allows researchers to quickly move from collection to reporting.

Jump Analysis Reporting: Within the myoFORCE software, users have the ability to collect jump data and quickly calculate key performance and timing metrics from the recording.

Force Vector OverlayJump Phase DetectionJump Analysis Reporting