The myoMOTION™ software module features a medically accurate avatar paired with a robust toolset for analyzing pre-processed motion records. Real-time data is automatically synchronized in an all-in-one analysis, enabling detailed human movement insight for performance enhancement, injury recovery or research metrics. Data export formats and HTTP streaming also allow compatibility with third-party research and animation programs.

To assure a comprehensive view of biomechanics, myoMOTION is fully integrated and synchronized across the myoRESEARCH® software platform, a full-featured ecosystem that covers the entire spectrum of biomechanics including EMG, kinetics (pressure/force), kinematics (video/motion) and other bio-signals.

myoMOTION Highlights:

Progression Direction: Provide true gait parameters based off the direction of the subjects travel.

Magnetic Rejection: Based off the fundamental movement patterns of the human body, magnetic rejection algorithm, with selectable levels of correction, allowing IMU data to be corrected in any environment with post hoc adjustments.

Center of Mass Estimation: Center of Mass Estimation from IMU motion capture is now possible. Our custom algorithm allows myoMOTION to perform center of mass analysis and trajectory export.

Progression DirectionMagnetic RejectionCenter of Mass Estimation






Credit: Noraxon