With myoVIDEO, you have the most cost-effective medical-grade solution for video-based biomechanics data capture and analysis.

Patients, therapists, student and trainers can study valuable data and hone in on the patterns to better understand, assess and identify where improvements need to be made, and when success is achieved.

With our Master Sync solution, your cameras will automatically synchronize with each other as well as any other devices you may be using, and provide the most cost-effective medical grade solution for video documentation.





myoVIDEO Highlights:

Streamlined Video Analysis: The MR3 software platform and myoVIDEO streamline the entire video capture process by minimizing post-capture manipulation time and optimizing analysis time.

Merge External Video: Take your research outside the walls of a traditional video capture space. MR3 is now capable of merging externally recorded videos into existing MR3 records.

Fully Integrated Hardware: Add the USB-powered NiNOX camera/light system and you have a completely integrated video data capture and analysis tool.

Streamlined Video AnalysisMerge External VideoFully Integrated Hardware

Credit: Noraxon