Loading Dysfunction

Michael SpinnerResearch and Insights0 Comments

Loading Dysfunction, Yay or Nay? The topic of loading dysfunction frustrates me. It seems pretty obvious in my eyes in order to stay away from true pain but I see it over and over again. Is the movement actively or passively painful? If … Read More

Are You Stressed?

Dr. Aaron GerardResearch and Insights0 Comments

What is Stress and How Does it Affect Me? Stress is a topic that is always in the news.  It’s something we all have to deal with in some form or another.  In the right amounts, it can be a … Read More

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What Makes You Stiff?

Dr. Christopher RagoResearch and Insights0 Comments

Let’s debunk some myths – Do you know why you’re stiff? When you feel stiffness in your body comes as a result of tightness in the muscles. However, the stiffness actually comes from tissues associated with muscles and the rest … Read More