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You want to return to the sport you love, but you don’t know if you’re ready. We get it. We work with athletes from all backgrounds to optimize performance and assure they are ready to return to play after an injury or surgery.Get the answers you’ve been looking for with the most complete return-to-play evaluation available!

Move Without Boundaries

Get assessed - so you can get back to doing what you love.

“I was nervous about returning to my sport after my ACL surgery, but after taking the “Return – to – Play” test I was able to return to my sport with confidence knowing that I was cleared to play and not at the risk of injuring myself further. The plan that Greenwich Sports Medicine created for me got me back to my 100%.” – Matt H.

How do we test?

Force Plate Data

Gives you instantaneous feedback of jumping and landing mechanics as well as load distribution and stability.

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• Automatic identification of the phases of jump:
- Loading
- Flight
- Landing
• Jump Height by Flight Time / by Net Impulse
• Vertica lTake off Velocity
• Peak Force / Relative Peak Force
• Time to Stabilization

sEMG Testing

You'll see a real time functional analysis of how your muscles are working and firing during sport specific movements.

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How it works

We use Surface Electromyography (sEMG) in two ways. One, to identify which muscles are firing too much or not enough during a particular movement whether it be running, biking, golf, squats, neck movements, etc. Secondly, once we identify the area that is overfiring or underfiring, we have the you perform exercises while watching your sEMG graphs and videos live to coach you and provide instant biofeedback.

3D Motion Capture

Get a clear picture of how you move, complete with a 3D avatar of you doing sport specific movements.

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Your live avatar

The Lab's camera system is the world’s first and only ultra-portable high-definition camera system made for capturing and analyzing highly accurate human movement data. This gives our doctors the ability to capture human movement wherever the action takes place, inside the lab or out in the field, and create a 3D avatar of your body in action.

With ACL Risk on the Rise,

  • ACL injuries are on the rise in youth athletics, especially in female athletes 13-17 who have seen a 59% increase in ACL repair surgeries over the last 14 years. Even more worrisome, 10% or more of those athletes will go on to experience a reinjury, and 50% will experience trauma induced arthritis later on in their life.
  • Working with the athlete’s coaches and trainers, we’ll plan to create and implement an evidence-based prevention program that they can work on leading up to, and during the season in order to minimize their risk of ACL injury. While there are plenty of risk factors that we don’t have control over, addressing the ‘modifiable’ risk factors has been shown time and time again to decrease overall ACL injuries (up to 60% reduction according to research).
  • “ACL Assessment and prevention programs have been shown to reduce non-contact injuries by 67%.” (Webster and Hewett 2018)

Ensure you’re ready