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GSM specializes in concussion management from start to finish. As the only Complete Concussion Management certified clinic in New England, GSM uses the most current research available to treat symptoms and return you to sport quickly and effectively. GSM also offers annual concussion baselines by one of our certified physicians. The baseline measures all the key areas of the brain that are affected by concussion. This allows for accurate treatment strategies and evaluation of progress in the event a concussion occurs. GSM’s baseline is the most comprehensive test available evaluating balance, vision, strength, concentration, memory recall and cognitive function.
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Active Release Techniques®

ART® Is a highly successful approach to the diagnosis and treatment of muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and fascia, known as soft tissue. It is effective for low back pain, neck pain, elbow tendinosis, rotator cuff tendinosis, knee pain, shin splints, calf strain/ tear, carpal tunnel syndrome, running injuries and numerous other conditions. Many professional athletes have been using ART® for years.


Medical Acupuncture

Medical acupuncture is considered an effective treatment approach aimed at reducing and or relieving pain and improving muscle function and activity of affected areas of the body.
Acupuncture stimulates the body to produce its own pain relieving chemicals called endorphins. The improved energy and biomechanical balance produced by acupuncture stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities.
Acupuncture is very effective in treating a variety of painful disorders such as low back pain, muscle tightness, tennis elbow and more.

Medical Acupuncture at GSM
Functional Rehabilitation at GSM

Functional Rehabilitation

An injury will usually occur after the body has undergone an undue trauma, incorrect movement or a repetitive stress. It is important to understand the entire body’s needs to move through a full range of motion, especially for athletes.

Our goal is to get you back from your injury as fast and successfully as possible. Effective rehabilitation must be customized to your personal needs and goals. It begins with an accurate diagnosis and assessment of all involved structures and their detrimental adaptations. From there we establish your starting point, create progressive goals, and work with through your entire rehabilitative process. We believe in maintaining pain free movement, allowing you to perform activities earlier and aiding in the healing process.

During assessment we classify two different types of injuries:

Acute injuries
Acute injuries occur when healthy tissue is abruptly injured. The goal is to minimize swelling, pain, and damage to surrounding structures by ensuring healthy adaptations and proper biomechanics

Cumulative trauma
Cumulative trauma often results from detrimental adaptations snowballing out of control and resulting in a new injury. An everyday movement or activity often triggers this. In these scenarios, our doctors use acupuncture to reset the nervous system and soft tissue therapy to correct your body’s movement patterns. These treatments work synergistically to improve and restore your body’s adaptability.


Graston Technique

The Graston technique is an innovative, patented form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that enables clinicians to effectively break down scar tissue and facial restrictions. The technique utilizes stainless steel instruments designed specifically to detect and effectively treat areas exhibiting soft tissue fibrosis or chronic inflammation.


Laser Treatment

Erchonia Low Level Laser

The Erchonia low level laser is the first FDA approved laser for treating pain and increasing range of motion on the market. It has been found to be extremely beneficial for enhancing and accelerating wound healing and reducing acute inflammation. It is also very beneficial for chronic neck pain. Research also suggests that a high quality laser like the Erchonia can regenerate damaged nerve tissue if used 90 minutes a day.

LLLT is now being considered a therapy of choice for difficult pain management challenges such as fibromyalgia and myofascial pain.

Its positive effects are many and well-researched. For example, research demonstrates that the laser increases oxygen, healing and tensile strength of healed tissue. It reduces swelling, increases blood flow, reduces inflammation, increases cellular metabolism and repair, promotes collagen formation, and much more.

To properly explain how the laser works you would have to investigate the fascinating interface between biology and quantum mechanics – a huge undertaking.

Stated in its simplest form the cold laser is a biomodulator. If the body is doing too much of something or not enough of something else, then the laser will up-regulate or down-regulate it accordingly. It accomplishes this regulation by returning the targeted area of the body back to normal frequency.

Treatments can vary in time from seconds to minutes depending on the condition. Research studies show that it may be more effective to treat at lower doses at multiple intervals then to treat a single time with a high dose.


Nutritional Testing

Take the guesswork out of your nutritional program. Whether you are just trying to eat better or you are an athlete looking for that edge, let Greenwich Sports Medicine customize a program that can improve wellness and overall performance with supplementation and diet. Through the use of Morphologic Hematology, Innovative laboratory testing and Bio Impedance Analyzer, Greenwich Sports Medicine will design a program based on your chemical and biological makeup. Click here to learn more!

Orthotics at GSM


Orthotics are custom made shoe inserts designed to treat biomechanical foot disorders. Your bones and joints are like a stack of blocks, held up by muscles, tendons and ligaments. Gravity acts on the blocks with each step. When the bottom block is out of balance, the whole stack falls. Your foot is the bottom block.
Greenwich Sports Medicine offers casting in the only true custom dynamic orthotic device. Sole Supports technology offers a common sense, clear method of looking at, and restoring equilibrium to the bottom block.


Soft-Tissue Therapy

Many of the joints within your body share similar characteristics. They are bound by ligaments and soft tissue, moved by muscles, and separated by cartilage. Most important of these are the nerves that monitor and control the position and motion of each joint.

Chiropractic manipulation slightly opens the joint, normalizing its motion-sensitive nerves, blocking pain and reducing muscle spasm. The addition of soft tissue therapy reinforces proper blood flow, frees restrictions of connective tissue, and restores functional range of motion.

Our use of ROCKTAPE® reduces muscle fatigue, promotes targeted blood flow for quick recovery, improves your body’s awareness.

Soft Tissue at GSM


EPAT® Shockwave

EPAT® stands for Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Treatment. EPAT® is an FDA approved technology proven to increase the rate of healing for soft tissue injuries and for the relief of painful conditions.

This non-invasive treatment can speed the healing of many types of orthopedic, and soft tissue injuries and conditions. Shockwaves are generated in a fluid medium within the transducer head and are then transmitted easily through skin, fat and muscle. The high energy waves are delivered directly to the area of injury to promote cell turn-over and encourage the healing process.


Performance Optimization

If you’re serious about your sport, activity or personal performance but stiffness, sluggishness or injury have been preventing you from performing at 100% you need Performance Optimization.

As we age, especially if you participate in sports or rigorous exercise, our soft tissue develops scar tissue causing our bodies to be stiff and sluggish. Performance Optimization treatments utilize innovative and cutting-edge soft tissue and neuro- muscular techniques to assess and break down this scar tissue preventing premature aging of your body.

This improves the way your body moves and the health of your soft tissue (muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments). Without this scar tissue your body will move more freely and stronger, allowing your body to function like the finely tuned machine it should be. High-level sports, intense training and high stress lifestyles can all increase your risk of musculo-skeletal injuries, forcing the body to adapt. Adaptations are necessary but are not always healthy.
An adaptation becomes detrimental when it places excessive stress on body parts that cannot tolerate the increased workload. This decreases your body’s ability to perform and predisposes you to another injury. However, when these adaptations are identified and corrected, your soft tissue and nervous system can once again function at its optimal level, allowing for greater strength and better performance.

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Professional Athletes

Our hands-on Individualized Performance Protection Programs are effective. They are designed to protect and restore your ability to adapt specifically to your sports performance requirements.

We will improve your body’s ability to respond optimally to your repeated high-speed movements, minimize the impact on your tissues, and protect the precision of your nervous system’s performance.

You need a Performance Protection Program to protect your earning potential. You need to take immediate action if an injury, past or current, has diminished your sports performance, if your sports performance has been inconsistent lately, or if you have been unable to achieve optimal performance. We will help you eliminate these roadblocks to protect your current position in the rankings, your position on the team, your position in the fans, media and sponsors minds.

We will:
• Precisely assess your current physical condition
• Thoroughly evaluate your ability to adapt to high speed movements
• Identify any unsuccessful adaptations from past injuries
• Create an individual program to restore your lost adaptability
• Deliver the necessary hands-on sessions to reorganize your tissues and restore optimal functioning of your nervous system
• Design a specific strength and conditioning program to support your particular performance needs
• Advise you on nutrition strategies for optimal performance and recovery
• Establish a treatment, training, and performance schedule with you in order to achieve your goals

We will assist in the expression of your natural athletic talent, restoring or helping you achieve the physical condition necessary for your consistent and sustainable Sports Performance.
If you choose to optimize your performance, prevent injuries, lengthen your career, and maximize your earning potential, we will stand behind you every step of the way as part of your personal team of trusted advisors.
Your success is our goal, because performance is our passion.

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Pre/Post Surgical

Whether it’s time off from your sport or work, recovery time is vital for most people. Having a surgeon and therapist who work symbiotically is critical for a full and fast recovery.
Pre-surgical care improves your biomechanics, decreases your pain, and improves your range of motion, which strongly correlates to a healthier surgical outcome and faster recovery. Post-surgical care aids your body’s ability to adapt to its new biomechanics for a fast, smooth recovery.

Throughout pre and post-surgical care, our team at Greenwich Sports Medicine applies innovative and cutting-edge treatment strategies, optimizing your healing process.
Our application of acupuncture resets and normalizes your nervous system, which will minimize your pain, improve blood flow to and from the surgical site, as well as stimulate the motor activity of the involved muscles.
This will nourish and wake the muscles up from surgery, essentially kick starting your recovery. Soft tissue therapy prevents the formation of excessive scar tissue, allowing for healthy adaptations, enabling you to progressively strengthen and improve your biomechanics.
Following recovery and rehab it is advised to engage in a Performance Optimization program to ensure ongoing conditioning and support is maintained.

Pre/ Post Surgery at GSM

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Spinal Decompression

With spinal decompression, negative intra-discal pressure is created which promotes the repositioning of a herniated or bulging disc and also helps to relax the tight muscles surrounding your spine. A supportive wrap is applied and than a series of pulleys, ropes, and slings engage at a calculated resistance to relieve the pressure on your body. This stretches the muscles and joints in the back which could result in a considerable improvement in the way you feel and move. Treatment typically take between 8-20 minutes.

Common injuries that respond well to mechanical decompression are disc herniation’s, facet syndrome, degenerative disc disease, sciatica, stenosis, pinched nerves, and muscle spasms.


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