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  • “I would recommend Greenwich Sports Medicine to anybody who is serious about their sport performance and receiving effective recovery.”

    Chris Kreider – New York Rangers

  • “I don’t know what I would do without Greenwich Sports Medicine.I am a mother with four children and a fitness club owner. I find that going to GSM is a proactive approach to your overall health as well as making sure your body feels good. Dr. Gerard is super knowledgeable about the body and has a vested interest in discovering what is causing an issue or concern and how to help make it better for the long term. I always recommend my friends, family and club members to see him!”

    Sara KochOwner – Oxygen Fitness

  • “I feel like the treatment that I have received at Greenwich Sports Medicine has helped me a lot on the ice. Personally, I have gone though a couple of concussions now and Dr. Dustin DeBroy has helped me tremendously with my neck work, lower back and hip work. I feel like he has done a really great job getting me ready for the upcoming season.”

    Boo Nieves – New York Rangers

  • “For over a year, I had been dealing with a significant amount of back pain in daily activities like putting my socks on, leaning forward to reach for something and picking things up from the floor. As a competitive lifter, I was extremely discouraged and had accepted that my lifting career was over and I was doomed to back pain forever. I found Greenwich Sports Medicine and after one visit I felt considerably better. The treatment and knowledge shared by Dr. Gerard has changed my world. His work led me to being able to compete and qualify for the CrossFit East Regionals with a top 10 finish!
    I HIGHLY recommend this place and Dr. Aaron Gerard!”

    Emily Buckley

  • “The Greenwich Sports Medicine doctor’s knowledge of anatomy is so exact. They’re like carvers, where some A.R.T guys are choppers. The precision correlates to RESULTS!”

    Mark Teixeira – New York Yankees

  • “Cured me! I had chronic hip and glute pain! Dr. Gerard promised me that I would get better with his treatments and physical therapy! I am back to spinning and running! It did get better!”

    Dorothy Fuscald

  • “Greenwich Sports Medicine’s knowledge of how the body functions and how to heal it is above and beyond any practitioners I’ve been around in my 15+ years in the Health and Fitness industry.”

    Rich Maur

  • “I cannot thank Dr. Chimes and Dr. Mah enough for their help throughout my lacrosse career. Whenever I experienced an injury, I was confident knowing that Greenwich Sports Medicine was in my corner, ready to get me back on the field faster than anybody or anything else could. There is no comparison to the treatment received at GSM; these doctors are the best in the country at what they do.”

    Case Matheis – Duke University, Men’s Lacrosse Four year letter winner and four year starter

  • “I am so glad that I found Greenwich Sports Medicine when I did. I am currently pregnant and finding GSM really eased my mind when trying to find a doctor after throwing my back out. The staff from start to finish is amazing and I could not be happier about my experience here. I would recommend my friends and family to this practice.”

    Alexa Royce

  • “Greenwich Sports Medicine has been so helpful for my neck/back issues and plantar fasciitis. The staff is very helpful, accommodating and kind. Dr. Chimes is extremely knowledgable and explains everything until I understand and really listens to what and how I am feeling. Working with the EPAT Shockwave machine for my plantar fasciitis has made it completely healed. I am very thankful to have found this practice!”

    Lisa Lorant

  • “The care and attention that I received from Dr. Rago made me feel very confident about my rehabilitation from my injury. Any feelings of concern I had were instantly gone once I met with him. Not only was I impressed by the professionalism of the Doctor but the front desk staff. Jackie and Katie both assists me a lot as I traveled a long distance and had to make numerous appointment adjustments but always accommodated! I highly recommend Greenwich Sports Medicine! Simply the best for the care they provided me and the customer service I received!”

    Richard Toscano

  • “When I started coming to Greenwich Sports Medicine, I started to feel a significant difference in how I feel and move every day.Not being an athlete in any way, I discovered that the professionals here treat any patient with any pain no matter their activity level.After going to several different chiropractors and physical therapists in the past, there is no comparison to their treatment with Greenwich Sports Medicine’s.I have been treated by Dr. Christopher Mah, Dr. Chris Rago and Physiotherapist, Mike Spinner  and I can say without hesitation that they have always made me feel like a priority and showed real interest in my progress.
    With the treatments from GSM, I have felt better than I have in years and wish I had found them sooner. I highly recommend this practice to ANYONE in pain.”

    Jerri Jacobs

  • “I have been working with Dr. Chimes and the staff at GSM to reduce the lingering side affects of a concussion from four years ago. I can feel the improvement after each treatment! It is great to see this practice build upon traditional concussion protocol and implement a new and better level of care with their Complete Concussion Management Protocol. I highly recommend this practice for concussion related issues as well as the regular back pain.”

    Elisabeth Villani

  • “Dr. Gil Chimes is on a mission to save my body before the start of my season. Thank you for EVERYTHING!”

    Nour Sherbini – Professional Squash Player 2x World Champion

    Current World #1

  • “Greenwich Sports Medicine is unbelievable. From Dr. Gil Chimes to Mike Spinner the (physical) therapist and front desk staff, their every concern is the patient. All of the procedures and equipment is state of the art and provides the care that is needed to help cure the physical ailments of the athletes as well as the non-athlete.
    I drove 25 miles to go to Greenwich Sports Medicine, every mile being worth the drive.”

    Bruce Anton

  • “I have been working with the awesome team at GSM since I started my professional squash career in 2013. Squash is one of the most taxing sports on the body, and after suffering numerous injuries over the years of playing in juniors and college, I dreaded what playing at the professional level would do to my physical well health. While I haven’t been able to avoid injury completely (which I don’t think any professional athlete can do), GSM has always been my first line of defense for prevention and the first place I call when I have a problem.

After receiving treatment for my back, I was able to stay injury free, utilizing both sessions with Dr. Gerard and techniques/exercises that I had been taught at GSM to stay healthy before the U.S. National Championships, which took place this past weekend. I went in feeling as strong as I ever have, and played my some of my best squash on the way to winning my second straight national championship.

I love working with Dr. Gerard and the team at GSM, and I’m looking forward to accomplishing even more with their incredible knowledge and support over the rest of my career!

Chris Hanson – 2x U.S. Squash Champion, World #63

  • “Our experience at Greenwich Sports Medicine was a game changer. We had our suspicions as to what was causing my daughter’s recurring injuries, but they analyzed and broke down her movements in a way that provided us with a complete understanding of the problem as well as a plan for recovery. We feel so lucky to have found them.”

    Tessa Loverro

  • I’ve only had one appt so far but already I know this is going to be a good journey. I appreciate the time taken and the knowledge I have already been given. I also like how Dr. Rago said he is going to teach me the tools to better my body instead of just fix me. I was looking for the type of doctor who doesnt just focus on one body part but rather sees how my whole body is working to correct the dysfunction going on and I found him so thank you!

    Catherine Cook

  • “I was referred to GSM and Dr. Gerard specifically by other members from my club who had great experiences here. After receiving a total of 10 days I feel better than ever. I would highly recommend GSM to any professional athlete or non-athlete for treatment here if you want to see strong and notable results.”

    Maxime Chanot – NYCFC #4

  • “Dr. Mah is a miracle worker! He has cured my tennis elbow and pain from a torn labrum in my hip. I can’t recommend him any higher!”

    Tracy Scmidt

  • “I have been battling hip and knee pain for 6 weeks- within one session, Dr Rago not only diagnosed the cause of the pain, but left me feeling almost 100% better. I look forward to regaining my strength and mobility through the rest of my treatment. I will continue to refer my friends, family, patients and clients to Dr Rago for the best care in sports medicine.”

    Jennifer Ellison

  • “I tried other medical resources for a problem they couldn’t solve. Dr. Gerard has techniques and tools you won’t find elsewhere. I had improvement after two sessions!”

    Jane Plant

  • “Grateful for GSM’s expertise. All of the practitioners care deeply about each patient. Patients will go a long way to find a doctor who can so successfully break up scar tissue following replacement (and other) surgery and then help patients regain their life at a level even stronger than they were.”

    Deb Mamorsky

  • “Everyone has been so supportive and extremely helpful, from physical therapy with Mike and acupuncture with Dr Rago. I feel very confident that this therapy will help me!”

    Rosemary Solheim

  • “Came in with back muscle spasms from a golf injury. Dr Rago was great assessing the problem and establishing a treatment. Mike and Alex were both wonderful with their physical therapy and strengthening exercises. Overall, I had an amazing experience with GSM.”

    Rita Lurito

  • “Dr. Aaron Gerard is knowledgeable, friendly and understands the body from the lifestyle of an athlete. I highly recommend him.”

    Christian Palmer

  • “Dr Mah is knowledgeable and generous with his time. He does thorough testing and analysis, and provides detailed explanation of his solutions.”

    Andrew Sinn

  • “Aaron Gerard is a miracle worker! Great physical therapy with Mike Spinner.”

    Judy Suchman

  • “I’m a Team USA athlete and any nagging injury can cause a lot of problems when an athlete is trying to be at the top of their game. Dr. Debroy was instrumental in helping me take care of an Achilles issue I was having leading up to my competitive season. I worried about possibly tearing it, but once an ultrasound gave the all clear, Dr. Debroy was able to confidently steer me in the right direction using various treatment modalities and gradual increase of physical exertion. I was not sprinting for 5 of the 7 weeks leading up to a combine test, and still was able to perform well, entirely pain free. I also started off my season with an American record. If that doesn’t tell you how I feel about his treatment, I don’t know what does! He is super caring, knowledgeable and always willing to answer my numerous questions or explain in detail what he is doing and why. He stays educated on the latest research and is very passionate about what he does, and of course, his patients. I highly recommend Dr. Debroy at Greenwich Sports Medicine for anyone no matter their physical goals.”

    Megan Henry, Team USA Skeleton Athlete

  • “I think of Greenwich Sports Medicine as my family, a family that puts me back together (literally) when I knock myself down… They are a team of AMAZING professionals that I am fortunate enough to have in my life.”

    Deb Ross

  • “Greenwich Sports Medicine has allowed me to perform at the highest level. Sport science has been a key factor to staying healthy. The specialists got down to the root of my body in order to maximize my performance.”

    Rodney Wallace – Sporting Kansas City, NYCFC, Costa Rican World Cup Team

  • “I had tremendous pain in both of my “tapping feet” and Dr. Gerard got me back on track to continue teaching and choreographing without pain in about 4 visits. Very understanding of my needs as a professional dancer/teacher to avoid surgery at all costs. Thank you!”

    New York Dance Academy

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